Monday, April 6, 2009

Observation in the gym!

Patrick gave me a homework assignement. I was to go to a gym and observe the people there to see what their muscles looked like compared to mine. Ok, I have to say that this made me a bit uneasy. I don't like to look at other people when I'm in the gym, but we all do it right. I always feel that everyone else looks so much better than me. This time was a bit different, I went into the gym with more confidence than I normally have, feeling fit myself. Still I think a lot of people looked better than me. Of course everone in there are different. Some are very slim and fit, some were very bulky and fit, and most are there to change like me. So in all I felt at least as fit as everyone in there, and I felt that my muscles looked good and very natural looking. I felt I looked more lean and had muscles that weren't too obvious. The most fantastic result for me during this prosess is that I have gained my confidence back. Before I would feel very small going to work out in a gym, feeling that everyone was better than me, but now I don't care about everyone else, because I feel good, I know I'm fit and I feel like I've found my place.

So move over people, here I come!!!!


Patrick said...

Glad you felt more confident. The truth is most gym goers pump iron just fine but neglect their diets and negate most of their gains. Plus, when you work out on machines the muscle you build is often illusory and will melt away quickly when you take a few weeks off.

PCP muscle is hard won and will stick with you even if you skip a few weeks. Nice job!

bloggus said...

Wow, Lene. It's great to see you looking good but even better to hear how it is making you feel about yourself. Ultimately I thought you looked fine before but if you didn't then it's soooo important to get to a place where you can love yourself so long as it can last.
It sounds like a lot of hardwork so for that you deserve the excellent results. I'm glad that you didn't go too far with it (I have to be honest and say I was a bit worried about that). What's most interesting to me is to hear you say that your weight hasn't changed and I wish we could explain that to most of the female world who seem so hooked on "checking the scales". When I'm out of shape, I can feel it (and see it) but my weight never changes. Once you start worrying about the weight I think it's a distraction from the true goal which is toning and healthy eating, right? I'm so glad you've found what works for you.
Of course, I've gone the other way and decided to be less critical of myself. You can call it laziness, I do, but for me it is also about prioritising. I wish I had more time to go to the gym regularly but that would mean sacrificing time with the kids or learning my new sport, golf. Golf doesn't get you fit (unfortunately) but if I can get my game up to speed it'll be a sport I can continue to enjoy in my old age. I know I'm thinking ahead there but wishful thinking has us retiring early in a lovely warm climate with plenty of golf courses. You are nothing without your dreams, right?
Keep it up girlfriend and you can really show me up when I get over there!!!