Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good groove!

I'm in a good place now. I feel more relaxed with the diet, don't have so much cravings anymore and the working out everyday routine is getting to be an absolute part of my day. My family is working around my daily rituals, which isn't all that seems like it's mummy need to eat. all the time, but we're working it out day by day! It's starting to feel natural now, and that's why it feels good. Kinda figured some things out both with myself and with the project. It takes time, and I guess I need even more time to fully feel like I'm there, but I'm on my way! I'm now a force to be reconed with.....oh yeah baby!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am sorry that again today my blog is about cooking, but I'm so psyched about this, I had to tell the world! I am starting to LOVE cooking, it's so awesome, I just can't beleive it. Two weeks ago this is what I dreaded about this project, cooking, and so much of it, but just today it clicked inside my head. In a good way, ok, and I got all these incredible ideas about foods I WANT to make and try out. I am and have always been an unrelentless picky eater. Just ask my mum!!!! But now I feel like a whole new world has open up for me, I go to aisles I have never been to in the store, picking up items I never dreamt I would, and I want to cook. I just can't get over that fact. It's becoming a very natural part of who I am. Today I started searching online for receipes and discovered a whole community of ideas out there, it's a never ending adventure and I am so happy for myself that I have reached this point. Finally thinking about what's good for me, and starting to plan what I want to eat tomorrow. I have never really thought about cooking, just grabbed whatever was there, or figuring out 10 minutes before that I had no idea what to make, so this is HUGE for me, so mindblowing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have never really been a good cook. I cook everyday for me and my family, but I never REALLY felt passionate about it. I feel that is about to change. I have to really work at finding out what tastes good, and how to make things from scratch. In Norway we are used to a lot of half made just add water kind of foods. I did learn something about cooking from living in Japan, they didn't have those things I was used to, but still the creativity wasn't there. I just cooked out of the need for food. I have always been a bad planner when it comes to food, so it's always been the easy way, the quik things....that's all about to change. Now I spend tons of time cooking, and experimenting with herbs and spices, somethings I have found to be delcious, and some things I plain out didn't like, but that's the clue with this project, to find what I like and stick to it. It's all healthy so doesn't really matter if it's turkey or tuna, peppers or broccoli. The secret is in the seasoning. And so many great tasting stuff out there that I never dared to try. Thanks PCP, you've made me into a little cooking daredevil!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is how good I feel today. It's been a rough couple of weeks with so much going on outside of the PCP, but today I felt great! I managed to eat all my food, the work out was fantastic despite of REALLY sore calf muscles and my family has motivated me so much. I promised myself NOT to walk up on the scale so soon, but after a compliment from my sweet husband yesterday I just had to. Guess what....I had lost 2 kg or about 4 lbs already. What more do I need to know before I beleive that the project works!!!! Absoultly nothing!!!!! Happy, happy, happy!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bad habits die hard!

I haven't quite gotten rid of my diet coke yet. I still have to have a taste of it once in a while. Lately it has been everyday, but I have promised myself to STOP!!!!! And I will, but I feel it helps me get through the rest of the diet. It is so hard not to be able to have a piece of licorice, which is my favorite candy of all times. Or a few Sugar babies....or M&Ms.....there is now that's why the coke has stayed, but now it's out.....out...out....I've got to be strong......but it's not easy..... at least I'm down to one from four, so for me this is Fantastic!

I feel this craving sensation, not for something in particular, but definitly for something. Thank god for strawberries. I LOVE them, and they help me with my craving for sweets. I could eat them all day, and they give me something to look forward to.

Friday, January 23, 2009

This is my wonderful family. They have done a fantastic job coping with me and motivating me so far in the project. Al though my husband is laughing a bit of all the food I'm going to eat. He knows what I'm usually like....

It really helps having family to get you through tough times. Having someone to talk to and make you busy with other things so it's not all PCP. It can be all consuming sometimes at least now in the begining. But they are all cheering me on... I love you guys!


I passed my drivers test today, so now I can officially drive in this country!!!

On to the diet, it is killing me. I usually eat very little, so for me this equals eating like a horse. The two days so far, it's made me sick . I just force feed myself til the grams are gone. Doesn't really feel too good...hope my body will adjust after a while!
My diet consists of the following:
Breakfast: 110 g carbs, 1 egg, 160 ml yogurt, 160 g vegetables
Morning snack: 120 g fruit
Lunch: 100 g crabs, 150 g meat, 160 g vegetables
Afternoon snack: 120 g fruit
Dinner: 60 g carbs, 80 g meat, 100 g vegetables
Night snack: 100 g fruit, 150 ml milk
You see, this diet really wants you to EAT!!!!! For a girl whose body is used to eating next to nothing, this IS a challenge, much more so than the daily exercising.

The exercise is great, I like the exercises and it's not too hard. I feel I can manage more which means I'm not taking it all out. I'm sure I will eat my words, but at least I enjoy some of what has come so far! Still I have to say the push ups are the worst of it and so many more this week than last, but in the end I have been promised they will be a breeze. We'll see....
So I am struggling a bit with eating my portions, I feel they are Texas style sizes.....HUGE in other words. As they say here: Everything is bigger in Texas! So true....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Emergency room....

Oh, boy...It goes from one crazy thing to the next for me. Today I was planning on having my last lunch with the ladies, but the universe wanted it differently. The exact moment I was about to start eating, my daughters school called and said she needed to go to the emergency room. So off I went no food at all, but my girl is more important....

So all day I have spent in the emergency room stiching up my 6 year old daughter, so no last day treat for me....Tomorrow is the start of the real thing and I feel ready as I can ever be!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Easier said than done...

Being on a half-diet, should be an easy project, but it's not. For me who is a skipping meal kind of girl, it hit me like a brick after day 4. The first few days wasn't so bad. I have tried to find a balance in what I usually eat, but it's not easy at all. I have also struggled with teeth this week. I feel like I have been to the dentist everyday, and I almost have. I have also been on pretty strong medication, so with very little food and my medicines, I have been feeling extremely dizzy the last few days. Yesterday I had to skip my workout as I could hardly stand up without feeling nauseous. Today I have been just as bad and spent most of my time sleeping on the sofa. But there is no way I will skip two days of work out. Patrick said not to worry and take it easy, so I won't push myself to hard today, but try and do something. At least I will be done with my teeth and medication before the first real week of PCP. Can't wait. This has been very unpleasant indeed.

I want to thank you all for your support, and promise that my blog won't be so depressing over the next step of the project!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh, that empty feeling...

I can't really describe it, but I have an empty feeling inside. I don't really eat all that much more normally, but it's something about knowing that you can't have what you want when you want it, that makes you crave everything so much more. Yesterday I was lightheaded and dizzy all day, and nothing worked out all that great for me, but I'm sure my body just has to adjust to this new regime of mine. I can't wait for next week when we get a regular diet and know when and what to eat throughout the day, so far it's all very confusing. I don't know if I am doing it right. We are supposed to eat half of everything we normally eat, and for me a very unregular eater that is hard, because what do I normally eat....I don't even know....The work outs are fine, with a dizzy head I suppose no kind of workout is good, so I am making the best of it so far. I do hope things will turn around and that this is a lesson teaching us to eat right and put the bad stuff on the shelf...Is it please tell me it is.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 2

It's been a good ride so far. I hardly eat anything as it is so my husband was a bit worried that I would go from eating very little to eating nothing, but so far no problems. My teeth are another story. I woke up today with a toothache in the tooth I am going to extract on Monday, so I have not to high hopes for a great weekend. Sorry that my blog is so focused on my teeth, but that's really all I think about at the moment.

My workout is going great though, not to hard. The push ups are bit of a drag, but I imagine it will get easier as we go. The jumprope brings back memories from my childhood, used to do that all the time back then, so I kind of enjoy that exercise. I am going in with 100%, so I reach for doing the max amount of repetitions, and not quitting no matter how much it hurts. I have my husband looking at me so I do the exercise correctly. But I have to say it feels GOOD!

It feels great to finally have gotten going on this project, after two months of thinking about it. My good friend Corry, got me so excited early on and kind of took me through the hard parts, so feel prepared for it getting harder than it is now. So after chatting with Patrick, I do try and enjoy this first week, as the tough weeks are ahead!!!!

I am so happy that we are more doing the PCP as we can take eachother through the good and the bad, giving motivation and cheering eachother on a bit. I do think we'll need it. I have to say though that my co PCPers are intimidating, as both are SUPER healthy vegetarians....and 10 years younger than me....puhhh...feeling old isn't great!!!!! It feels like my best years have pasted me by, and that I'm chasing time right now....

Day 2 is going strong. I have planned my normal Friday night dinner with my hubbie. We usually have tacos, and I make it as lean as possible, so half portion today, that will be my day 2 challenge. We usually eat while watching a movie....yeah I know, BAD idea, but that's our time after putting the kids to bed, and we are both worn out after long days, so can't help it really can't help it. But today is the beginning of thinking differently. Watch what I eat no matter where I am...

I am studying to take my American driver's lisence on Tuesday so have to get back to those many rules.....but I am going to make it and walk out of that office with a card in my hand and a smile on my face, so I keep on reading!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15

Ok, so it's the first day of the PCP experience. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, both with excitement and fear. You never know what it's going to be like. I am excited about changing my body and especially getting rid of ALL my bad habits. I have been eating wrongly for years ending with a lot of nighttime snacking. I have been an addict when it comes to diet coke as well, so GOODBYE to all of that. Finally....Today is generally a pretty bad day for me so far. I started out going to the dentist and went home one rootcanal richer, JIPPPI! Lucky me things can only look up from here. I do have an extraction waiting for me on Monday, but then it's all good! Can't wait...I am going to workout today, I have to be strong and get it on, but I have to say I am extremly happy NOT to have a specific diet today, as I pretty much don't want to eat anything. I have had a diet coke, I know so BAD right, but that was the only thing I needed, something with taste. I will keep my number down, so 2 instead of 4 today, it's a start right....Ok, feeling quite bad right now with a mouth that is just pounding away, so it's off to bed for a couple of hours. Hopefully I will wake up with a little less pain and more eager to get my body moving....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to Lene's Blog

Here we are. Ready to begin the journey for a better life. Hope I can inspire some of you out there to do the same.