Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The fat lady has sung!

I can't beleive that I'm done. It's finished....unbeleivable!!!! When I started on my journey on January 15th this day seemed lightyears away, and it has been a tough road. Days of hunger, fatigue, aches and pains, but overall it's been fantastic. I feel better than I have ever felt before in my life, and I know it's because I've worked hard for it. All my sacrifices, all my time and all my determination has given me results that I have yearned for for so long, I feel good, I look good and I'm motivated to keep going, staying healthy and fit forever! This truly is only the beginning, but a great one that have taught me so much about myself, and my habits, and about what works and what definitly doesn't work, and my biggest lesson has been this one:

Where there's a will, there's a way! Just beleive that you can do it, you can change and jump in with all you've got!

My last assignement of the PCP was to go back to Week 1 and do the workout I did back then. I was truly surprised, wow, was that really all i did in the beginning. I didn't feel like I had done anything when I was finished, and it took me about 5 minutes to complete. Back in Week 1 I felt it was hard and I remember I dreaded what was ahead of me. So it really does work. I got stronger, tougher and fitter through it all, and I really feel like I'm at my peak...at least close to it. I beleive we can always strive to be better, you never reach the goal, not completely, but I sure feel like Iron Woman right now, and I'm proud of what I have achieved. It felt impossible at one point, but now I'm here. It's finished...I can't beleive it. 3 months has passed, and my confidence is better than ever...move aside world here I come!!!!!

So as I sign off for the last time it's with my two least favorite exercises: The dips and the Push Ups, sorry guys, I just never fell in love with you!!!!!

As the saying goes: It's not over til the fat lady sings, well she just sang: Sayonara my friends!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Observation in the gym!

Patrick gave me a homework assignement. I was to go to a gym and observe the people there to see what their muscles looked like compared to mine. Ok, I have to say that this made me a bit uneasy. I don't like to look at other people when I'm in the gym, but we all do it right. I always feel that everyone else looks so much better than me. This time was a bit different, I went into the gym with more confidence than I normally have, feeling fit myself. Still I think a lot of people looked better than me. Of course everone in there are different. Some are very slim and fit, some were very bulky and fit, and most are there to change like me. So in all I felt at least as fit as everyone in there, and I felt that my muscles looked good and very natural looking. I felt I looked more lean and had muscles that weren't too obvious. The most fantastic result for me during this prosess is that I have gained my confidence back. Before I would feel very small going to work out in a gym, feeling that everyone was better than me, but now I don't care about everyone else, because I feel good, I know I'm fit and I feel like I've found my place.

So move over people, here I come!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ahhh, spring is here bringing with it sunshine and warm weather. I have been enjoying my garden again, and have just planted flowers outside. So nice, it just transforms our whole house.

It does something to my whole being, and I feel more alive. Getting rid of all the layers of clothes, enjoying barbequing again( finally a break from cooking), and seing the kids playing in the pool. It's such a wonderful time of year.

I can't beleive though that it's only two weeks left of my PCP prosject. It's been so much better than what I could ever imagine, and now I can't wait to see what comes after. That's when my responsibility really begin s, without anyone telling me what to do or what to eat, then my learning truly begins, and I have a lot of faith in myself. It will be great!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bring it on!

Ok, I have to say I feel great when I put clothes on, go shopping or just look in the mirror these days. At day 1 I never expected to be where I am now. It has been and still is a lot of hard work and disipline which was harder in the beginning, but I still have to grab myself by the neck sometimes and stop whatever I'm about to do...But in the end it's worth it if you get results, and now is the time where I can really see they are coming. I feel awesome and more confident and for that I am so grateful.

My weight hasn't gone down at bit and that truly surprises me when I look at my body, because it is totally changed. It makes all the horrible ab exercises, excrushiatingly hard shoulderpresses, davincis and lunges worth it. I will love to do them anytime now just because I know they work. And as goes for eggwhites....well I used to hate them, still don't find them tasty, but I will eat them everyday if this is what they do....Bring it on, I'm ready!!!!!

Ok, so my stomach looks a lot better....

Ok, my body has changed so all my hard work is paying off after all. My stomach is getting defined and my love handles are completly gone. My legs are definitly tighter and my arms look great, at least to me...
So two sizes down in pants and a slim waist, it can't get better than that, or can it Patrick...

Love-hate relationship!!!

Ok it's official. I hate the plank.....you said I would Patrick, but at the time we did 30 sec reps, now we have 90 sec. It's incerdible that 1,5 minutes can be that hard, but I said it: IT IS SOOOO HARD!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back in the game!

I'm back in the game. Even though I only flew for two hours and didn't cross any timelines on my way, my body feels totally jetlagged. But I pushed myself and said enough days wandering off the tracks, and I completed my workout. it feels fantastic to be back in the project 100%, and being back on the diet feels invigorating in a way. It's not difficult although I feel that I'm eating like a horse. That was one of the difficulties on holiday, to eat regulary and enough. I didn't eat unhealty or stuffed my face with sweets, I only had trouble finding food at the right times.

So on I go on my lonesome since both my co Pcp ers have taken a break. I hope it's not me guys, I know I'm a smelly fish at times, but hey it can't be that bad....

I look forward to the last three weeks on the journey to my better life, and I will give it everything I got. They say nothing comes for free, so here comes all my blood, sweat and tears!